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Regular Tuneups and Scheduled Overhauls Help Keep Bikes in Good Working Order

Although modern bicycles are often impressively reliable, any bike will need adjustment and maintenance from time to time. From pumping up tires to the proper pressure to making fine, occasional adjustments of brakes, a lot of these needs are within the reach of the average bicyclist. While tackling more major repairs and maintenance can be enjoyable for those with a knack for such things, many local cyclists find that it makes more sense to hand these important duties off to local cycle shops like that at

In many cases, the best idea will be to schedule regular tuneups and overhauls. A common tuneup will have an experienced mechanic looking over a bike from one end to the other, generally making a whole series of adjustments that will keep it in good riding order. An overhaul will involve more in-depth work and will not be required as often.

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A tuneup will include setting the bicycle’s derailleurs and shift levers to make sure that every gear is accessible and easy to get to. Over time, movable derailleurs drift out of alignment and adjustment, being subject, as they are, to forces of many different kinds. While drive train adjustment can be frustrating work for those who are not experienced with it, skilled bike mechanics can typically get everything put right in minutes.

A tuneup will also see the mechanic looking over issues like the condition of the bike’s brakes, the trueness of its wheels, and the shape of cable housing accessories. While most of these inspections will not unearth any problems, having someone skilled perform them regularly is a good way of keeping a bike as safe and reliable as possible.

Even with regular tuneups, a bike will eventually need a thorough overhaul, too. This typically includes much more involved work, like the packing of fresh grease into the bottom bracket and the headset. While many advanced cyclists handle their own tuneup duties, just about all of them defer to the professionals when it comes time for an overhaul. Services like that at

Circle City Bicycles are normally able to handle this potentially dirty work without any trouble at all.

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